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A 10x better way to conduct financial due diligence

Real-time insights to assess the financial health of companies using banking data and AI

Results in 60 seconds or less

Procurement teams need to make decisions quickly


Live financial data

Stop making critical decisions using outdated information


A price point that makes sense

A pricing model that makes sense for the construction sector

De-risk your procurement decisions with ease

We ensure that the companies you engage with have the financial capacity to take on the work without going bust
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Anility’s Principal Contractor

2. Create

Confirm the project details and contract award amount
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3. Analyse

Identify red flags, implement risk mitigation strategies and make more informed, educted decisions
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4. Share

Export the results and share with project stakeholders

The construction sector is changing

Companies are under pressure to adapt to financial strain
forecasted increase in annual construction sector insolvencies from 2020/2021 to 2021/2022
of the insolvencies in AU come from the construction industry
of contractors desire regulation to address underbidding and poor payment practices


“Initially, we were concerned about hiring the right subcontractors for the project. Anility’s financial vetting software gave us peace of mind. The technology was easy to use and the Anility team has been constantly available to answer any questions raised by my team or our subcontractors. They made it a lot easier for us to safely enter a new market.”

Reece Moffat, Project Manager

Fugen Construction

“Anility has expanded our due diligence capabilities, from having limited financial visibility of our extended subcontractor network, to comprehensive financial assessments that better inform our decision making.Through using the platform, we have the peace of mind that we’re working with the right partners that will deliver quality work on schedule.”

Michael Hopwood , CEO

Valen Project Services